In addition to legal services, we set up other Glaw Group support services such as labor supply, accounting services, warehousing - factories, to best support the business of the investors in Vietnam:

For the convenience of many customers' needs, we develop a network of strategic partners in the process of providing services. Accordingly, GLaw Group always welcomes competent and professional organizations and individuals to join us..

Throughout the process of cooperation, we are definitely looking forward to the achievements, the mechanism of division of responsibilities and benefits. GLaw Group uses the Unpublished Agreement as a protective commitment to ensure mutually beneficial relations on the path of mutual development.

Organizations and individuals that we are willing to cooperate with:

-  Investment funds

-  Business associations and stakeholders

-  Domestic law firms

-  International law firms

-  In-house lawyers and international lawyers

-  Auditing companies

-  Marketing companies

GLaw Group will enter into strategic contracts with invited and/or select partners according to our standards. To be offered a partnership, please contact a GLaw representative by phone number 0908 864046 or email: